GETME’s approach to counseling & therapy is broadly humanistic. This means we see you as a whole person, with your own unique history, thoughts, emotions, physical experience, spirituality, etc. We don’t treat disorders, we treat people.

People come to counseling and therapy because, in some way, they don’t feel good. For this reason, we want to work as directly as possible with your felt experience.

Experiential Work

The central core of this is to understand and sense into your experience with you. There is nothing mystical about this — it’s actually very concrete. Feelings feel like something. (Ask yourself: If I am sad, how do I know I’m sad? If I’m angry, how do I know I’m angry?)

You and your therapist will explore your experience in great detail — especially along the fuzzy, unclear edges. Through this exploration, you’ll gradually come to greater awareness and clarity of the full range of your experience — including strong, healthy, helpful aspects of yourself you may have overlooked. These previously overlooked parts are going to move you forward in your life. 

The Gestalt Experiment

After you and your counselor have gotten to know each other a bit, your counselor may occasionally propose small exercises or “experiments” to try during the session. These exercises of attention or behavior may prove to be powerful assistants in helping you notice and incorporate your unused parts.  

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