Bryn Dawson

You are not alone. 

It is an honor to witness the living story of resilience that is each unique human being. Seeking a way out of suffering, we learn our capacity to move into and through what is most difficult. 

Connection and presence are medicines I’ve cultivated over twenty years of intensive contemplative practice, and through service as an ordained meditation teacher and spiritual counselor. 

In my own journey, I’ve been humbled by the many facets and layers of the healing process. I understand well the tremendous capacity for the psyche to accommodate unresolved trauma by intricate and patterned coping means. This tempers my approach towards one of gentle courage with clients. Together we learn to find a pacing that creates safety for making contact with what hurts. 

As a therapist, I join with individuals and couples to support recognition of patterns that may interrupt the fullest expression of health and wellbeing. Our work together is alive and experiential, drawn out of the integrity of what can be felt in the moment. I welcome clients to connect through various channels including expressive arts and visualization, as well as tapping into somatic intelligence through voice, yoga, and meditation.

Outside of doing work that nourishes my love for the world, I am also dedicated to keeping my heart resilient in community. I relish surfing, reveling in local wildlife and a fairly constant flow of creative expression through a variety of visual media, songwriting, singing, and dance. 

Bryn Dawson

Graduate Intern Therapist