EFT Practice Group

Winter 2020

Many clinicians who have completed Emotion-Focused Therapy Level 1 are excited to put their new training into practice. They’ve witnessed — and experienced for themselves — how powerful EFT can be, and they want to share this work with their clients.

Yet, once back in the office, we can become hesitant and uncertain. Am I doing this right? Am I seeing the right marker? Is it the Critic or Experiencing Self that goes first? Who sits where again?

All of this uncertainty is quite normal. EFT is a large and complex theory, and it would be impossible to absorb it completely in 4 days of training. Ongoing contact over time with EFT material is important. This includes books, supervision, and training videos. Let me also recommend practice groups.

What’s a practice group? A practice group is a cohort that joins together at regular intervals to offer, receive, and witness EFT interventions, followed by discussion and processing. It’s an excellent way to learn and consolidate one’s understanding.

The main focus of this group is facilitating therapeutic tasks, especially Chair Work:

  • Two-Chair Dialogue for Self-Critical Splits
  • Empty Chair Dialogue for Unfinished Business
  • Two-Chair Ennactment for Self-Interruption
  • Two-Chair Dialogue for Self-Compassion

We may also practice:

  • Systematic Evocative Unfolding
  • Focusing
  • Clearing a Space
  • Empathic Affirmation

Here’s the format:

  • 8:30-9:00   Check-In. We believe very strongly in making contact between members before we engage in this intimate process.
  • 9-9:40   Session 1
  • 9:40-10:05   Process Session 1
  • 10:05 – 10:15   Break
  • 10:015 – 10:55   Session 2
  • 10:55 – 11:20   Process Session 2
  • 11:20 – 11:30   Break
  • 11:30 – 12:10   Session 3
  • 12:10 -12:35   Process Session 3
  • 12:35 – 1:00   Wrap Up and Consolidate Day’s Learning & Check Out.

The practice group will meet once a month for four months, with the option to continue for another 4 months. There are two groups to choose from — one that meets Tuesdays, and one that meets Fridays. Each group will run if it has enough members (at least 5).

When: Here are the Tuesday dates:

  • January 14
  • February 11
  • March 10
  • April 14

Here are the Friday dates:

  • January 31
  • February 28
  • March 27
  • May 1

Where: GETME, 95 High Street, Suite 207, Portland, ME

Cost: $340 ($85/meeting).

Prerequisite: EFT Level 1 or equivalent. 

Minimum of 5 members, maximum of 7 members.

Facilitated by Tom Kubasik, LCPC.

To register, please fill out your name and email below. After you submit your registration, you’ll be invoiced via Square for the cost of the training. Payment is due two weeks prior to the first meeting. Please contact me if you need to pay in installments.