Existential Psychotherapy

Starts November 28th, 2023.
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Following Irvin Yalom (whose Existential Psychotherapy will be our text), GETME sees existential psychotherapy not as a school in itself with a particular set of techniques, but rather as a sensitivity and openness towards “ultimate existential concerns.”

This course proposes that, just as there are common factors in helping, ultimate existential concerns can be viewed as transdiagnostic common factors of suffering. By attending carefully and explicitly to existential themes, therapists can assist clients in ways that might otherwise be missed through selective inattention.

To be an existentially oriented, then, is to be openly and explicitly interested in how existential themes affect your client’s lives, and contribute to the reasons they show up in your office. In this course we’ll explore the four existential concerns identified by Yalom in his work:

  • Death
  • Freedom
  • Isolation
  • Meaninglessness

Learning Objectives

This course will help participants to:

  • Become familiar with four ultimate existential concerns as proposed by Yalom.
  • Recognize the ways these themes are brought into session by our clients.
  • Respond sensitively and effectively in our work.

What: A course on Existential Psychotherapy

Who: Therapists who want to sensitize themselves to universal ultimate concerns, and how they show up in counseling.

When: Four Tuesdays, 9:00am to 12:15pm

  • November 28th
  • December 5th, 12th, 19th


GETME Experiential Process Studio
615 Congress Street
Suite 423
Portland, ME, 04101


  • Students and Conditionally Licensed Therapists: $295
  • Fully Licensed Therapists: $345
  • Early Bird Special: Save $25 if paid in full by October 31st

Instructor: Tom Kubasik, LCPC

A certificate of 12 contact hours of continuing education will be provided upon completion of the program.

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