Experiential Therapy Supervision Group

GETME holds a weekly, 90-minute supervision group for therapists who are interested in humanistic/experiential approaches i.e., Person-Centered, Gestalt, Focusing, and especially the empirically-supported integration of these approaches: Emotion-Focused Therapy. Come together in mutual support as you learn, build your careers, and gain confidence in your ability to be truly helpful to your clients.

Each week, members will:

  • Present cases, using video whenever possible.
  • Understand client difficulties using experiential formulations.
  • Work through difficulties, blocks, and anxieties in clinical work.
  • Observe supervisor demonstration of interventions.
  • Grow personally and professionally in a supportive atmosphere.

Who: Psychotherapists interested in experiential work.

Where: 95 High Street, Portland, ME. NOTE: At this time, GETME groups are all being conducted via Zoom. 

When: The group meets Wednesdays from 11am to 12:30pm.

Cost: Participants pay a monthly “membership” fee:

  • Conditional License: $50/month
  • Fully Licensed: $100/month

If you would like to participate, please contact us.