Gestalt Therapy Training Group

The 2021-2022 Gestalt Therapy Training group is now underway. We’ll be offering it again in 2022-2023. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can register when the new dates are announced. 

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Gestalt Therapy is a holistic approach that rests on several foundations:

  • The Phenomenological Perspective
  • The Field Theory Perspective
  • The Existential Perspective
  • The Dialogic Relationship

In the context of an authentic and committed relationship, with exquisite attention to client awareness, and a warm, open, experimental attitude, the Gestalt Therapist facilitates processes whereby clients free themselves to live more vital and satisfying lives.

Through a combination of lecture, discussion, demonstrations, and large & small group exercises, this year-long training will give participants an intellectual and experiential grounding in Gestalt Therapy theory.

Gestalt Therapy Training: Year 1

During this year, we will focus on the basics of the theory, covering such topics such as:

  • Contact
  • Awareness
  • The Here & Now
  • Gestalten
  • Figure/Ground
  • The Contact Boundary
  • The Contact Cycle
  • Interruptions to the Contact Boundary
  • Introjection
  • Retroflection
  • Projection
  • Deflection
  • Confluence
  • Polarities
  • Organismic Self-Regulation
  • The Paradoxical Theory of Change

The group will meet twenty Tuesdays, from 9am to 12:15pm. Here are the dates:

  • September 7 & 21
  • October 5 & 19
  • November 2, 16, & 30
  • December 14
  • January 4 & 18
  • February 1 & 15
  • March 1, 15 & 29
  • April 12 & 26
  • May 10 & 24
  • June 7

Each meeting will be three hours long, plus one 15-minute break. Thus we’ll meet for a total of 60 hours during the course of the year.

Where: This program will be held live, as long as there are no re-emergent pandemic concerns during the time frame of the training. If necessary, we will complete the program using Zoom. Assuming that doesn’t happen, here’s the address:

95 High Street, Suite 207, Portland, ME, 04101

Cost: $1500 for 20 three-hour meetings.

A Certificate of 60 Contact Hours will be issued upon completion of this program.

Trainer: Tom Kubasik, LCPC

For more information, call (207) 699-4979, or write

Click here to register for this training.

See: Training Institute Policies.