Monday, November 11, 7pm

Watch EFT sessions the second Monday of every month!

At our next Video Night we’ll be watching Dr. Sandra Paivio’s video Emotion-Focused Therapy for Trauma. Here’s the description from APA:

“In Emotion-Focused Therapy for Trauma, Dr. Paivio works with a young woman who has a history of trauma and current symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder. Dr. Paivio first works to establish an alliance with the client to build safety and collaborate on the tasks and goals for therapy, then helps the client to allow the painful feelings and memories associated with traumatic events. Dr. Paivio helps her to express her anger at violation and sadness at loss, accessing self-soothing resources and compassion for self in the process.”

When: Monday, November 11, at 7pm
Where: 95 High Street, suite 207
Cost: FREE

You must be a licensed mental health professional or matriculated in a training program leading to such a license to attend. Please RSVP to be sure there is room: