How often do you get:

  • A full, uninterrupted hour of concentrated, caring attention.
  • The time to relax, slow down, and understand what you think, feel, and experience.
  • The opportunity to focus completely on your own needs and concerns.
  • The chance to feel and express all that is in you.
  • Someone listening who is fully accepting and doesn’t judge you — no matter what you talk about.
  • The feeling of being completely seen, heard, and understood.
  • Someone who really gets you.

Most people don’t have this opportunity very often. Even family and friends can be hard to talk to; they want to help, but they have their own opinions, wishes and advice. And what they want for you may be not be the thing you need. Also, they may be waiting for their turn to talk, and sometimes you can feel that. You might even come away from such talks less clear than when you started.

A counseling intern is in training to learn, first of all, to simply hear you. They make every effort to follow and understand your experience closely. All by itself, it can be quite relieving to feel this level of understanding.

In addition, your counselor may offer brief, in-session activities that direct your attention or behavior toward new experiences, feelings, and insights. (You are always free to decline these suggestions!)

Through all of this, you’ll learn:

  • To understand your experience, thoughts, feelings, and needs.
  • To know which of your feelings to trust, and which ones to let go.
  • How to express your needs with pride and without offense.
  • How to meet your needs, either by yourself, or with others.

This will help you feel better about yourself and your life, and can relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression and trauma.

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