Interruptions to the Contact Boundary

Gestalt Therapy Part Two

In Gestalt Therapy theory, organisms are seen as having needs. Whether biological, psychological, social, spiritual, or otherwise, needs are considered normal and natural rather than pathological. Suffering is viewed as resulting from unsatisfied needs. In order to satisfy the need, the person must first contact, then integrate, something that is not yet integrated.

Satisfaction of the need is available either through contact with an unintegrated aspect within the self, or through contact with something novel in the environment.

Yet people often fail to notice the nature of their needs or their potential satisfactions. They may not understand: 1) that they have a need; or, 2) what, fundamentally, the need is; or, 3) that they may already possess the makings of the satisfaction of the need (“self-support”); or 4) that satisfaction of the need may be available through interaction with the environment (“environmental support,” certainly including contact with other people).

This “failure to notice” is not a question of intelligence. Rather, all of us to some extent interrupt our own awareness of what is at hand. As always in Gestalt, the remedy is increased awareness. This is a course about facilitating awareness:

  • That we interrupt our awareness
  • How we interrupt our awareness
  • The consequences of these interruptions

What: A course on increasing awareness of how we interrupt our awareness.

When: Thursdays, 9:00am to 12:15pm.

  • January 25th
  • February 1st, 8th, 15th, 29th (no meeting 2/22)
  • March 7th, 14th, 21st

GETME Experiential Process Studio
615 Congress Street
Suite 423
Portland, ME, 04101

Who: For Counselors and therapists who wish to deepen their understanding of Gestalt Therapy theory and practice.

Instructor: Tom Kubasik, LCPC, NCC

Learning Objectives:

The course will help participants to:

  • Analyze clients’ “Contact Cycles.”
  • Differentiate several self-interruptive processes.
  • Recognize potential client self-interruptions as they happen.
  • Engage in a dialogic process whereby clients come to an increased awareness and understanding of their needs, and their needs’ potential satisfactions.

Topics Include:

  • Meeting 1: The The Contact Boundary
  • Meeting 2: The Contact Cycle
  • Meeting 3: Introjection
  • Meeting 4: Projection
  • Meeting 5: Retroflection
  • Meeting 6: Deflection
  • Meeting 7: Confluence
  • Meeting 8: The Contact Cycle Revisited


  • For students and conditionally licensed therapists: $595
  • For Fully licensed therapists: $695

A deposit of $95 is required to hold your space.

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