Jessica Mellon

My name is Jessica Mellon and I am a graduate student at the University of Southern Maine studying clinical mental health with a concentration in family systems (Studying the dysfunctional, yet fixable, patterns that plague familial relationships.). I am interested in working with individuals of all ages who are experiencing depression, anxiety or who are simply feeling “stuck” but don’t understand why. I believe in creating a warm and open environment in which clients feel free to explore their thoughts and emotions in a safe place.

Whatever you are working through, I am here to help you feel seen and heard. I believe in meeting you where you are right now and working together with intentionality to get you to a place where you can find space in your life and peace in your relationships. I believe that a strong and trusting client-counselor relationship is paramount to achieving the ability to feel in control of yourself and the choices that you make in order to reach your personal goals. We will work together on tasks to help you better understand how to regulate your emotions and grow your emotional intelligence which, in turn, will foster ease in your everyday life.

Jessica will be available to work with clients at GETME through December, 2021.

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