Mandy Ledue

I am a masters student in the LCPC program at The University of Southern Maine. I am a former elementary teacher who fell in love with advocating for, supporting, and facilitating mental health and emotional care. 

I believe the purpose of the counseling experience is to provide an unconditionally accepting and safe relationship that allows for authentic and vulnerable exploration of a client’s wants/needs/goals in therapy. I feel that my role in the counseling space is to be compassionately curious and make space for inquiry into emotions, experiences, traumas, thoughts, beliefs, barriers, values, challenges, behaviors, and general life pondering. I practice my work understanding that clients hold their own wisdom and that the therapeutic journey is a tango of co-creation. 

I approach therapy with many tools and am continuing to learn and hone countless skills and modalities. I am currently practicing and growing in emotion-focused therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and family system approaches.