Mapping Relational Conflict Cycles

Couples often present with so much information, so quickly, and so contradictorily, that it can feel like you’re being hit with a firehose. There is often anger, hostility, blame, criticism and coercion going on, explicitly, and or implicitly. On other occasions, things are initially so placid-seeming that it can be difficult to appreciate where the problems lie. How can we begin to make sense of what’s going on in a way that doesn’t blame or alienate either or both clients?

In this workshop, we’ll combine experiential and systemic theory to assist the clinician to swiftly grasp the heart of the matter — and in a way that both members of the couple can feel seen, respected and understood.

Using examples drawn from case studies, participants will have the chance to practice mapping on paper and pen before moving on to eliciting and reflecting relational conflict maps simulated role plays.

Whether you need help skillfully drawing out the information to make the map, the mapping itself, or what to do once you’ve got the map, this workshop will help you bring order and understanding to the complexities and chaos of couples conflict.

What: Mapping Relational Conflict Cycles, an integration of systemic and experiential theory and practice.

Who: Therapists who want to swiftly and safely bring order to chaotic or confused couples conflicts.

When: Saturday, July 22nd, 8:45am to 1pm

Instructor: Tom Kubasik, LCPC, NCC


615 Congress Street
Suite 423
Portland, ME, 04101

A certificate of 4 CE Contact Hours will be awarded for completing this program.

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