Molly Ladd

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I am a graduate student at the University of Southern Maine where I am studying to become a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. I came to the field of counseling after a decade working as a public librarian, where my work focused on serving adolescents, children and families. Often, I was one of the first people to know of a major life change within a family, as parents would come in asking for books on topics that ranged from welcoming a new baby to navigating a move, death or divorce. I found myself increasingly interested in helping people navigate through these life transitions, and counseling as a profession called to me.

I view the building of a strong therapeutic relationship as the foundation upon which all other aspects of counseling grow. We will work together each step of the way, starting wherever you are and moving towards where you wish to be.

I believe everyone’s journey through life is unique and deserves to be heard. I am here to listen and help you explore whatever issues you are working through in a safe, warm, and compassionate space.

Molly will be available to work with clients at GETME through August, 2021.

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