Nancy King

I am an LCPC student at the University of Southern Maine pursing the clinical mental health track with a concentration in Family Systems.  I went back to school after working as a chemical engineer, raising children, volunteering in youth sports and leading young couples and mothering  groups at my church.

Counseling might be helpful for you if you are experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, concerns about self-worth, relationship difficulties or if you just want to spend dedicated time with someone who will listen to your story.  If you have an interest in how your life might be improved by exploring your spirituality, I would be glad to include that discussion in our work.

We can work together to decide how to use our sessions to address the issues which most concern you.  I value and celebrate the differences which make each person unique while also considering the many commonalities that we may share.  I have a special interest in helping you access your helpful emotions to make good use of the information they contain, to help you make the changes you want in your life.