Participant Feedback

Foundations of Emotion-Focused Therapy

The following quotes are taken verbatim from course evaluation forms:

I most enjoyed working with the present emotional experience of participants in break out rooms for real world practice, and the comments of the instructor when observing break out sessions.”

I enjoyed the bite-sized lessons each week, coupled with lots of opportunities to ask questions. The practice sessions were extremely helpful, especially when there was an observer to provide feedback. The breakout room discussions were where a lot of the learning happened and solidified for me!

All the EFT basics seem really impactful. It feels like skills that could be used at anytime in therapy and also easily incorporated with other therapeutic approaches. I really enjoyed the triad method. I also liked learning the skill and then practicing the skill. I found the handouts really helpful.

This training systematically explained the basic vocabulary and concepts of EFT, making it easier to understand the theory from the ground up.”

This course has improved my knowledge and skills as a Level One EFT therapist. I was able to learn, observe, and practice empathic exploration, productive emotional processing, and the importance of identifying and working with clients’ primary adaptive emotions. I also appreciate the importance of exploratory reflections, evocative reflections, and empathic explorations. among many others. I enjoyed the triad practice and insightful feedback from Tom Kubasik and the other participants. I was able to immediately use these skills and techniques with my current clients throughout the training and continue to use these as they have been integrated into my practice. I am grateful for Tom, for his support of emotional safety during triads, and for his expertise, insight, and concrete feedback.”

I felt I really connected with the format and the content. I have been able to incorporate much of my learning immediately into sessions with clients and see a stronger connection and level of attunement with them as a result.

I loved the trios. I loved Tom’s patience with us all, repeating and repeating ideas, especially for me, a newbie. I had read a couple books but hearing it from Tom’s mouth and then getting to practice it, building block by building block, was so helpful.

The mix of lecture and practical application real play sessions.”

Breaking down complex theory and subtle interventions into core elements which built gradually and allowing time to experience it from multiple angles (counselor, client, experiential, intellectual, etc.) and with time to digest it. Connecting with other counselors who are interested in focusing on emotion and value emotional experience. Having the chance to watch other people work and receive feedback on work/use of interventions. Tom’s/Your ability to express confidence and knowledge co-existing with a radical level of admitting and expressing not-knowing.

The lecture/conversation was so informative and then having the chance to actually use the interventions and then discuss them in small groups and as a whole.”

I loved getting hands on experience practicing what we learned and really helpful feedback as we went along. I also liked that the course was spread out over the three and a half months rather than concentrated all in one or two weekends.”

Emotion-Focused Therapy, Level 1

“This was the best training I have been to in many years on many different levels! Tom and Rhonda created a tight cohort out of a disparate group and the learning was deeper and wider as a result. I not only learned an entirely new therapeutic orientation, but I made friends and connections that will last. Rhonda is smart, warm, funny and a master at her craft. I already knew Tom was one of the best therapists in the area and I was pleased to learn that he is also a fantastic trainer and organizer. Not incidentally, EFT is a really fascinating therapy and I feel that I received a very solid grounding in the modality. I highly recommend this course!”

“Above all, both Rhonda and Tom are just deeply competent trainers and clinicians. I felt safely held as a learner and challenged as a therapist throughout this training. I got to practice and observe highly effective clinical techniques (that really feel cutting edge); I received constructive feedback on my own skills; I learned what Emotion Focused Therapy is like for clients (thereby deepening my empathic understanding of my clients’ experience in therapy); and I got lots of questions answered about emotion theory. I came away from this training with a more coherent sense of my own professional identity and clinical style and also formed fast connection with other local therapists. We really shared something, which is an experience I’ve had before at GETME. I feel I’ve found a professional home and community here. If you’re looking for experiential professional development in Maine and value a ‘beginner’s mind’ approach to practicing therapy, consider training at GETME.”

“Fantastic job to both of you! I not only learned a lot but I had FUN! Thanks so much!!!!” 

“By far the best training I have been to yet. Thanks a bunch!” 

“This was a powerful workshop that introduced useful and effective tools to work with clients. The presenter and sponsor were experts in the field and enthusiastically participated in practice sessions along with lecturing.” 

“Awesome training.” 

“Great experience. Rhonda and Tom are a great team.” 

“I have successfully integrated new skills into my practice with clients with great success. Thank you!” 

“Great training, great trainer, great facilitation/facilitator . . . Overall this training was informative, moving, inspiring, and left me wanting more (in a good way!). Thank you!” 

“I learned quite a bit during the workshop; particularly during the experiential work. I thought the instructor was extremely knowledgeable and engaging.”

Introduction to Experiential Therapy:

“Tom’s training group has been a wonderful place for me to learn and grow as a therapist and meet peers in the field. The environment felt safe to try out new skills and ask as many questions as I needed to. Tom has a very gentle approach and at the same time is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the techniques and theories he is teaching.”

“The year in Tom’s group has brought so much to my life, both personally and professionally. The pace at which we move and the trust that is built, within the group, provides an incredible spaciousness for growth and learning. I take with me, from this experience, an enhanced belief and excitement about the power of therapy and healing.