Therapist Trainings

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GETME offers trainings in Client-Centered Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Couples Therapy, and Emotion-Focused Therapy. Here are some brief descriptions with links to more information.

Emotion-Focused Therapy Track

Foundations of Emotion-Focused Therapy

Emotion-Focused Therapy is an empirically supported integration of Person-Centered Therapy and Gestalt Therapy grounded in an immensely useful contemporary theory of emotion. This course introduces clinicians to the basics of EFT emotion-theory, and to a suite of interventions designed to help access and process emotions. The course will help participants to deepen their therapeutic presence, better understand client processes, and organize their interventions. Even if you never become an EFT therapist, the material presented here is excellent for any clinician to learn.

Following, Unfolding & Focusing

The follow-up to Foundations, this is a course in staying with accessed experience, and exploring it for feelings, meanings, needs, and adaptive action tendencies. This course introduces to participants to EFT’s “marker-guided” principle of markers and tasks, and the first tasks are presented.

Prerequisite: Foundations of Emotion-Focused Therapy 

Therapeutic Chair Work

This course introduces clinicians to the use of psychotherapeutic “chair work.” Chair Work includes 1) Two-Chair Dialogues for the resolution of intrapsychic conflicts and maladaptive self-treatment (i.e., self-criticism, self-interrupting, self-worrying), as well as 2) Empty Chair work for the resolution of interpersonal “unfinished business” related to (typically unavailable) significant others from the client’s life.

Prerequisite: Foundations of Emotion-Focused Therapy & Following, Unfolding & Focusing

Couples Therapy Track

Experiential Couples Therapy

This course combines experiential theory and practice with systemic understandings of couples conflicts. It introduces clinicians to an experiential approach to de-escalating couples conflicts, and re-engaging partners in a deeper and more authentic bond.

Prerequisite: Foundations of Emotion-Focused Therapy

Advanced Experiential Couples Therapy

This training is being planned. Stay tuned!

Gestalt Therapy Track

Gestalt Therapy One: Contact, Awareness, Gestalten

In this introductory course, participants become acquainted with the beginnings of gestalt therapy theory, and explore processes of awareness highly relevant to the therapeutic context. This “awareness of awareness” is the background to all further gestalt work. This course is taken in conjunction with Interruptions to the Contact Boundary, for a total of sixteen 3-hour meetings.

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Gestalt Therapy Two: Interruptions to the Contact Boundary 

If the first course shows us that we (ourselves and our clients) routinely miss much of what is within and around us, this second course specifies a range of processes through which we accomplish this “missing.” Be becoming more aware of how we do this, we can begin to interrupt the interruptions. This course is taken in conjunction with Contact, Awareness, Gestalten, for a total of sixteen 3-hour meetings.

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Gestalt Therapy Three: The Gestalt Experiment

In this course we explore more active interventions designed to facilitate shifts in client awareness, thinking, feeling, and behavior. Ultimately, the clinician’s creativity is the only limit to this universal tool.

8 three-hour meetings. More info to come.

Gestalt Therapy Four: Gestalt Dialogue

Gestalt Therapy is about more than theory and experiment: it’s about a relationship.  Contemporary Gestalt therapists emphasize the dialogic aspects of therapy. This course presents considerations relevant to practicing modern Gestalt.

8 three-hour meetings. More Info to come.

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