Why Take a Year-Long Training?

Being a good psychotherapist is hard work. It can be confusing, emotionally draining, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re even helping. As a therapist, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the support you need.

Theory. You need a strong grounding in theory to help organize your thinking and behavior during the therapy hour. With a sturdy grasp of theory, you have a map of the arc of your work, and you know what move to make next. If you sometimes find yourself not knowing what to do next, there’s some element of your theory that you haven’t mastered yet. This is normal — ideally, it’s how we learn! By continued study and consultation, we shade in the gaps in our understanding, and thus become increasingly helpful. The more helpful we become, the more pride we take in our work, and the more confident we feel.

Interpersonal Support. Reading theory is important and necessary, but it isn’t sufficient for transmitting the values and practices of a therapeutic tradition. Meeting regularly with a supervisor/consultant you trust is essential. This person can help you hone in on the areas of your theory that you haven’t yet integrated. But equally important is the experience of being both challenged and validated as you progress through this integration.

In some ways it can be even more powerful to have a group of clinicians with whom you meet regularly. Sharing in one another’s struggles and triumphs as you grapple with the macro- and micro-processes of psychotherapy provides a very powerful experience of true interpersonal support. (Many people have told me this is precisely what was missing from their grad school experience.)

By joining a GETME group, you become part of a small (5-7 people) cohort of therapists that train and learn together for 10 months. Theory, discussion, and experiential practice are woven together to maximize learning. Participants regularly express that their GETME training group is the place where they get intellectually and emotionally recharged.

Specifically, GETME trains therapists in the Humanistic/Experiential tradition: Person-Centered, Gestalt, Focusing, and Emotion-Focused therapies. GETME trainings offer both the theory and the interpersonal support to help you become the best therapist you can be.

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