Ethics in Action

Embodied Ethics Training
November 18th, 2023. 8:45am to 1pm.

Some ethical questions are easy: Can I sleep with my client? No. Can I reflect my understanding of my client’s experience? Yes. Ethical questions are dilemmas when, as often happens, there really isn’t one clearly correct course of action, and there are problems or dangers associated with all of them. These decisions can be confusing, frightening, even painful.

So we find ourselves caught in situations that appear in varying shades of gray: Shades that look different to different people, or different to the same person at different times, or when seen in a different light, or from a different angle.

It can be incredibly helpful to seek support from other professionals in order to follow a sound ethical decision making process. And, while it may feel safer or less embarrassing to discuss ethical dilemmas with one person, there can be something transformative about getting the perspectives of a group. In groups, there are simply more perspectives to help you.

In Ethics in Action, we’ll draw on the compassion, understanding and creativity of the group as a whole as we explore all facets of the situation. We’ll use action methods to get a better feel for all of the interpersonal and intrapsychic elements of the conflict. We’ll embody the identified stake holders (i.e., client, client’s loved ones, therapist, therapist’s peers, licensing board, broader community, etc.) as we reflect on the conflicting needs and dangers. We’ll also identify the fears, the care & the courage, the blind spots, and the wisdom of the clinician in the decision making process.

What won’t happen is a bunch of people telling you what you “should” do, or that which is “obviously” correct. After all, if there were only one valid way to see it, it wouldn’t be a dilemma. We’re going to be quite sensitive to this.

You’ll feel clearer and more empowered by being able to come to your own decision through an active process. If you come to this group, you’re coming to support a colleague or colleagues (or maybe you!) in a difficult process.


What: A group using action methods to facilitate ethical decision making processes.

Who: The group is facilitated by Tom Kubasik, LCPC. Participants are 6-8 psychotherapists who want to explore ethical quandaries using action methods.

GETME Experiential Process Studio
615 Congress Street
Suite 423
Portland, ME, 04101

When: Saturday November 18th, from 8:45am to 1pm.

Cost: The cost for this group is $100.

A certificate of 4 contact hours of ethics training will given after completing the program.

What participants say: (“What did you like most about the program?”)

“I like how open and grey the discussions were. It allowed me to expand my own process and how I approach ethical dilemmas.”

“Emotionally engaged way of working with ethics, through our own feelings and relationships.”

“I liked the action and interactive approach to this topic. I appreciate the effort to include how we feel both somatically and emotionally.”

“The experiential nature of the process. The movement. The encouragement to be open.”

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