GETME is Gestalt/Experiential Therapy of Maine. The full name points to our counseling approach, while the acronym it forms suggests the very human wish our clients have to be seen, heard, and understood. So the name is about us, and it’s about you: a relationship.

GETME is a place to receive counseling & psychotherapy, as well as a training center for professionals who offer these services.

In our view, change is the result of an emotional process that takes place within the context of an ongoing personal relationship. We endeavor to offer the conditions for this change to happen. We work with individuals and couples to transform emotional pain into clarity, peace, and even joy. We support emotional health, strong interpersonal connections, & clear, independent identities.

As a training center, GETME offers a foundation for therapists to become the most effective helpers they can be, through experiential learning of empirically-supported methods.