Couples Therapy

Having a strong relationship is good for you. Research shows that partners in close couples are happier, more satisfied with their lives, and less prone to stress and disease.

Unfortunately, many couples struggle. Some can’t spend an hour together without bickering. Some have grown so distant they hardly speak to one another. Some have suffered affairs, difficulties conceiving or parenting, illnesses, or other serious challenges.

Other couples are not quite so seriously distressed, but still yearn for greater closeness and mutual understanding. But how can they achieve this?  Many people have nearly lost hope that anything can be done to improve their relationship. They may be angry, anxious, disappointed, or depressed.

I can help. Even if you’ve been suffering for years in a painful relationship, there is hope. As long as each of you has at least some desire to improve your situation, we have the basis to begin moving forward.

I help couples achieve an interdependent relationship: one where each of you has a clear, individual identity and voice, while nurturing and maintaining a close and deeply caring bond with your partner.

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