Action Groups

An Action Group uses “action methods” to address personal challenges, past hurts, and current longings by finding new ways of feeling and behaving in the world.

Though some of our time is spent talking in a circle as you would in an ordinary counseling group, in an action group we spend significant time out of our chairs, moving about the space, doing things.

  • In some cases, we notice how we feel, and follow our feelings into doing.
  • In other cases, we do something, and follow the doing into noticing and understanding more about our feelings.

So this an embodied form of work.

To make sure we don’t simply go in circles feeling and doing the same old things, action methods encourage us to take new perspectives, both physically and psychologically. We have many techniques at our disposal to experiment with new ways of being in the world.

The group functions as a kind of team, assisting and supporting one another in a great variety of explorations. This support is physical, psychological and social.

Together, we move, learn and connect. Over time, this can result in tremendous growth and healing.

Here are our current Action Group Offerings:

Tuesday Action Group

Empathy for Dudes