2023 Trainings

8-Week Trainings, February – March

Client-Centered Therapy

Following, Unfolding & Focusing

8-Week Trainings, April – May

Therapeutic Chair Work

Advanced Experiential Couples Therapy

May 4-Hour CE Workshop

Ethics in Action

June 4-Hour CE Workshop

Empathic Attunement Workshop

July 4-Hour CE Workshop

Mapping Relational Conflict Cycles

8-Week Trainings, June – July

Foundations of Emotion-Focused Therapy (Online via Zoom)

Experiential Couples Therapy (Online via Zoom)

August 4-Hour CE Workshop

Ethics in Action

September 4-Hour CE Workshop

Empathic Exploration Workshop

October 4-Hour CE Workshop

Deepening Client Experiencing in Couples Therapy

8-Week Trainings, September – October

Foundations of Emotion-Focused Therapy

Experiential Couples Therapy

November 4-Hour CE Workshop

Ethics in Action

November – December

Following, Unfolding & Focusing

Client-Centered Therapy

All trainings are held in person at GETME unless otherwise noted.