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Work with a Counseling Intern at GETME.

Evening & Weekend Appointments are Available.

Amy Anderson

What’s a Counseling Intern?

A Counseling Intern is a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student who is completing their supervised internship — the last stage before becoming licensed as a mental health professional. Our interns are caring, intelligent, and skilled. As students, they also receive extensive, ongoing guidance and training from a senior clinician.

Our interns help adults (18 years and older) with:

  • Relationship Difficulties & Communication Issues
  • Anxiety & Fears
  • Depression, Sadness & Grief
  • Shame, Self-Worth & Self-Criticism
  • Anger & Irritability

Our Current Interns:

Inexpensive counseling options exist — schedule your first appointment! Contact Tom Kubasik, LCPC: