Empathic Attunement Workshop

Winter 2020

At the heart of an emotion-focused therapist’s work is empathic attunement. This is the process by which we endeavor to enter our clients’ frame of reference in order to get a felt sense of their experience at that moment. Having this felt sense of our clients’ experience is essential for all EFT interventions — from basic empathic reflections, to deepening empathic explorations, and throughout all process-guiding work. Attuning is what happens inside the therapist before the therapist does anything on the outside.

Empathy is a richly complex process, and all of us could all be better at it. The more clearly and accurately we can differentiate our clients’ emotional states, the better we can track their moment-by-moment felt experience, the more adroitly we can intervene in helpful ways.

In this workshop we’ll combine small amounts of lecture and video observation with large amounts of experiential practice/practice reflection. You’ll have the opportunity for several attunement practices, as therapist, client, and observer. You’ll sharpen your skills, and get instant feedback on your accuracy — much more detailed feedback then you typically get in your sessions.

The practice sessions will be short and focused. We won’t be doing chair work — this is attunement practice.

The only prerequisite for this workshop is holding a clinical license.

When: Wednesday, January 29, 2020, from 8:30am until 1pm.

Where: GETME, 95 High Street, Suite 207, Portland, ME

Cost: $85.

A Certificate of 4 Contact Hours will be provided.

Minimum of 6, maximum of 9 participants.

Facilitator: Tom Kubasik, LCPC

To register, please submit your name and email below. You will be invoiced via Square after submitting your registration. Payment is due no later than 2 weeks prior to the workshop. We look forward to seeing you!